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OFF-KILTER with Rebecca Vallas

May 11, 2017

Everyone’s talking about Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. Gorsuch’s confirmation hearings were this week, and coincided with a unanimous ruling by all eight justices that he was wrong about a major disability ruling he made in 2008. To unpack these hearings and discuss what the Democrats’ next moves are, Rebecca is joined by Ian Millhiser, Justice Editor of ThinkProgress. Getting a lot less play in the media is Alexander Acosta, Trump’s second pick for labor secretary, whose hearings were also held this week. Judy Conti of the National Employment Law Project joins to talk about Acosta’s civil rights record and what it means for the future of labor. Next, celebrity chef and founder of Food Policy Action Tom Colicchio discusses how celebrities are pushing back against Trump’s policies. And finally, Alan Fosnacht — a member of Indivisible Michigan — calls in with the skinny on Rep. Dave Trott’s ugly hot mic moment and how Republicans are feeling the heat from the resistance.